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Looking for my next opportunity to support companies to achieve their goals.

About Me

I am Kris Hayward born on 26 june 1977, the day Elvis Presley gave his last concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, and owner of KHITSMC. My spare time I like to spend with my dog Conan (Barbet) who is everythig to me, watching F1 or eat and drink something with friends.

Since 2017 I have been working as a freelance IT consultant, with the aim of helping businesses, of all sizes, with advice and guidance on how to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and management of their IT services, and to achieve their goals.​ 

In addition, I support businesses with the delivery of IT projects - from conducting a feasibility study for a new business idea to an AD domain migration, and anything that fits in between.

My Mission

At KHITSMC, my mission is to provide ITSM and project delivery services to businesses, of all sizes, looking to make a difference in the fast changing digital world.

I believe that by providing clients with the tools and expertise they need, I can help them achieve their goals and make a lasting impact. 

I am passionate and dedicated professional who is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

My Experience

Kris have years of experience in providing IT service management and project management services to companies and organizations of all sizes.

The services provided include, but are not limited to - Practice Implementation and Improvement (based on ITIL, COBIT, USM), Creating Documents and Self-Assessment Models (IT maturiy, IT finance, ISO27001), Project Delivery and Support, Management Support and Creative Initiatives. 

I pride myself on the ability to deliver results that exceed clients expectations.

Management  IT Service  Project  Practice  Document  Creative  MS Office  
MS Excel  Structure  Awareness  Training  Assessment  COBIT  ITIL  USM  ISO20000  
ISO27001  OverviewSMS  ISMS  CMS  Fun  Implementation  Deivery  Improvement


2023 Stater N.V.

Roles fulfilled: Process Specialist

Setting up the central AO/IC function; Documenting the IT delivery processes and associated controls o meet the information needs of the various auditors; Gain an overview of the end-to-end processes including interfaces with related practices. 

2016-2023 KPMG EMA RDC

Roles fulfilled: ITSM Consultant, Project Manager, Process Analyst, Document Writer

Creating and conducting an IT sustainability assessment (COBIT, IT finance, ISO 27001) for member firms within the EMA region; Creating and maintaining a sales pipeline for IT services; Improving ISO 27001 ISMS material, preparing and providing ISO 27001 workshops to improve their ISMS and services; Creating service level offerings; Managing and support IT project delivery such as Technical demerger, AD domain migration, introduction of new business solutions, and conducting feasibility study for IT solutions in support of business services; Management support with IT strategy and organization.

2016-2021 KPMG International

Roles fulfilled: Process Analyst, Document Writer

Creating and implementing order-to-biling process for cloud computing services; Creating new and improving existing IT Operations documents for the IT (Cloud) Operations support organization; Creating process documents for Major Incident Management, Event Management, and Change Management processes; Improving and creating service flowcharts.

2018 Air France KLM

Roles fulfilled: Process Analyst

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM, ITIL based) improvement and creating a set of measurement and status reports. Inculding integration with Change Management . 

Clients & Formal Employers

During my career journey I have had the pleasure of working for, at and with a range of companies from different industries and sectors. I have helped them achieve their goals and ambitious to make a lasting impact. 

My collaborations have included projects such as Maturity Assessment, Technical Demerger and Domain migration, Process Implementations & Improvements, and introduction of New Business Solutions. I am proud to have contributed to their success and look forward to working with more businesses in the future.

I am proud to have contributed to their success and look forward to working with more businesses and organizations in the future.


Koninklijke KPN N.V.


Electronic Data Systems

HP Technology Services


ManPower Group

ITNL Solutions B.V.



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