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Name: Kris Hayward,

Birth date: 26/06/1977

I’m an IT process analyst and possess over 14 years of experience in the field IT Service and Project Management. 
I have been working in IT since 1998 and since then worked for various companies in industries such as; finance, banking, government, FMGG, professional services, and aviation. My professional history includes positions such as; IT process analyst, technical writer, quality assurance analyst, IT process manager, and IT project manager.
I'm specialized in the implementation, management, assessment and improvement of IT processes and services; experienced with with frameworks like ITIL and COBIT; creating policies, procedures, instructions; creating IT maturity and sustainability models; conducting IT maturity assessments and IT financial benchmarks. 
Additionally, I have experience with; managing IT projects, setting up Application Support for new business applications, creating IT service catalogs, service level agreements/offering, creating workshop material, business and IT profiles; technical writing; providing process and tool training.
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